No More Excuses For Pardew And West Ham

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With West Ham’s takeover finally finalised, even Alan Pardew has recognised that the excuses have run out for the club’s poor start to the season – 5th from bottom in the Premiership after losing to Chelsea and out of two cups,

“I can talk from experience and say it did unsettle us as a group, as a club and it did affect results,” Pardew told Sky Sports.

“To what extent I can’t measure, but the good thing now is that it’s over.

“We’ve tried over the last four or five weeks to put it all behind us and now we see the end of it.

“The timing is good. Eggert says he wants to do it in a structured manner and that suits me.”

It seems odd that the takeover talk would worry players so much that they would hit a massive slump in form, maybe the crap ones cause they’d be sold, but good on Pardew for recognising that it’s time to get down to business and build on the promise that West Ham showed last season.

It’s also good to know that he (supposedly) has not gotten stars in his eyes over a January transfer kitty of anywhere from 10 million to 30 million depending on who you talk to,

“We have some great players here and we have to build on what we have,” he continued.

“It’s not about the window, it’s about the players here and getting the best out of them and to the levels they were at last year.

“We do have, if we need to, the financial clout to challenge for some good players and to improve the facilities if we need to.”

Maybe he learned some lessons from Tevezcherano, turning too much attention away from the players who got you where you are can have ill effects. But Pardew is a talented manager, West Ham have talented players, and this Icelandic bloke looks like an egg – so they should be far too good to keep playing this badly.

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