Tevez: They Eat Your Legs

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What started off as a rather run of the mill player-can’t-settle bit on Sky Sports actually revealed something heart-warming for West Ham supporters. Speaking to Sky Sports, Carlos Tevez said,

“English football is very physical and you have to be very quick,” he told Radio Mitre.

“Mascherano and myself knew it would be difficult and we have to be patient.

“I knew it would be different but not this much. You don’t see much dribbling here, you only get one touch otherwise they eat your legs.

“There aren’t any small defenders, they’re all big. And you have to be 100 percent, otherwise you don’t play.

“It’s made me improve as a player, in South America, you stand out by having good technique, but not here.

Not incredibly revealing, but it is nice to see that he’s ready and willing to learn more than just the usual Premiership -is-fast-and-tough bollocks. For a player that has a history of failing to keep himself in pristine physical shape, he’s figured out that at West Ham if he’s not ready to play then he won’t. And for the serial showboating South American in him, he’s realised he probably shouldn’t doddle about on the ball unless he wants to get his legs eaten.

Unless he can dust himself off and fire home the free kick, of course.

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