Andy Gray Provides No Insight Ahead Of Sunday

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Boggs prepares for another dismal Tottenham performance tomorrow by having another go at Andy Gray’s “coverage” of Manchester United vs Chelsea.

Another double whopper from Britain’s Best Football Pundit” as Andy Gray once again picks up two paychecks for the same, awful work, on otherwise fine sites Sky Sports and Football365.

With a massive Premiership clash on Sunday, you’d figure a he’d put a little effort into his analysis – but of course he didn’t, instead opting to ask a neighbourhood child what he thought and passed it off as his own:

“I think the midfield will be the key area where the game is really won and lost.”

“The Gunners [Arsenal] dominated possession and kept control of the ball and United were unable to cope with it. If that happens again with Chelsea on Sunday it will cause them big problems.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a draw, although United will be disappointed if they lose on Sunday.”

“On the other hand, United would be ecstatic to go six points clear of the champions…”

Sheer brilliance. The fact that you could take any of those statements apply them to any Premiership match, or La Liga match, or Sunday league match, and still have it ring just as true shows the level of punditry we’re dealing with here. His handsome appearance must keep him on the telly – oh wait, he’s looks ridiculous.

I’m still not sure what it is I want to see from someone tabbed “Britain’s Best Football Pundit” each time he writes, but I do know that whatever Andy Gray ends up putting out certainly isn’t it.

Oh, and the last two articles Andy wrote I didn’t bother to analyse but they were called “Drogba Is An Old Fashioned Center Forward” and “Poll Must Like The Attention”. Don’t bother reading the full articles, they dont say much more than the headlines.