Drogba: I’m better than Henry

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Seems it’s not enough that some Chelsea supporters would rather have Didier Drogba than Thierry Henry after the former’s blazing start in the Premiership and Champions League, it seems that Droggers himself reckons he’s better than the Arsenal striker – and not only on current form,

“I relax when I play computer games,” explained Drogba. “I have fun playing as Henry and shooting wide of the goal! I’m kidding.

“It just seems my virtual copy doesn’t play as well as the Henry character – although in real life, especially this season, I’m better than him.

Quite the comments from a man who some would have struggle to compare to Emile Heskey let alone Thierry Henry when he first arrived in the Premiership. But fair play to the him for making the most of his form, although he probably needs to do a little more than play well in a dozen odd matches before anyone really starts to believe him.