Ferguson and Mourinho Disagree On Result

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In the least surprising pair of soundbytes following Sunday’s top of the Premiership clash, both Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson rallied around the result as a positive for their club,

Mourinho said,

“I think it is [a better result for Chelsea than Manchester United] because they entered this game mentally very strong and feeling it was a big, big chance for them, a chance not to lose,”

“If I was in their place I would be very, very disappointed because it is a big chance at home to open the gap and they couldn’t do it.”

Ferguson said,

“We proved we can compete and that when we reach the high levels of performance we are the best team in the country at the moment,”

You have to appreciate the dedication and thoughtful execution behind the two masters of managerial mind games. Keep confidence high amongst the players after drawing a match where both sides could easily feel they should have won is no easy task.

But it does mean that the neutral loses out, because there’s nothing worse than a high profile clash that leaves both managers happy with nothing to moan about endlessly for the next month.