Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea: A Fair Result?

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So the most hyped Premiership match of the season so far was pretty good, but not great. A lot of running and effort but without too much excitement in terms of clear cut chances or outrageous, chest-spin-then-bicycle-kick goals. But that’s to be expected when pitting two organised, quality teams against each other.

But in a true “game of two halves”, United looked better in the first as Ronaldo did everything that Wayne Rooney didn’t. But Mourinho smartly switch things up after half time – moving Michael Essien to right back instead of Geremi to exploit the space left on that side by Ryan Giggs tucking in, and putting on Arjen Robben to give them width. Both Essien and Robben got on the ball in space time after time in the second period.

There wasn’t even much in terms of diving or controversey with referee Howard Webb doing a good job for a change. A couple of elbows were thrown while competing for headers but both Drogba and Rooney stayed on their feet in the penalty box under challenges that they could probably have gotten a penalty out of had they gone down.

So all in all, a fair draw. Anyone out there reckon otherwise?