Emirates Stadium Causing Arsenal Problems

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After Thierry Henry admitted that he’s feeling a little lost playing at the Emirates, Arsene Wenger has jumped in and claimed that the club’s new ground has played a significant role in their poor home form this Premiership season,

“Away from home this year we have done well. But we have gone to a new ground,” said Wenger.

“Manchester United or Chelsea would drop a few points at the start if they did that – and that’s what has happened to us.”

“It is not completely illogical. We have just moved in, and we have slipped up, four times we have drawn 1-1.”

“But if you look at the games, the other teams had one shot on goal and we had 28. That will not happen forever, don’t worry.”

Makes sense, going from the relatively small pitch at Highbury to the massive fields of the Emirates would certainly have an effect given the club’s taste for a flowing, short passing game. And with the much-maligned lack of atmosphere at Arsenal’s new home they players must really feel like they’re playing an away match sometimes. Although Arsenal’s away form in the Premiership is actually quite good. So maybe it doesn’t make any sense at all. Or something…

Anyway, as Wenger points out it won’t be long before Arsenal feel comfy again and start banging home more of those 28 shots on goal each match. But until then Chelsea’s resident Dr. Evil, Peter Kenyon, might want to learn a thing or two from their rivals’ plight before jumping head first into the ‘new stadium‘ bandwagon.