If You Could Sign One Player From Each Premiership Team?

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Envy is technically a sin, but in football it’s part of life. The grass is always greener pretty much everywhere else and regardless of who currently runs onto the pitch for your club each week chances are you reckon a few of them aren’t quite good enough. Even some Chelsea supporters aren’t entirely happy with their squad, so how could the rest of us possibly be?

So in the spirit of the holidays, put aside any mumuring dislike you may have for certain Premiership clubs or players and let us know who you support, and which one player from each club you’d welcome to yours with open arms. Shock people by admitting you reckon Titus Bramble could do a job, embarass yourself by not being able to name a single Watford player, anger Arsenal supporters by ignoring Thierry Henry yet again. The possibilities are endless. Well, they’re not… but there’s quite a lot of them. And if this sounds like crazy fantasy land, just remember that fantasy to some is accepted reality to others.

You’ll find out who rates who from where, and which of your own players are regarded most highly by other fans. Plus, whoever manages to state a genuine case for not picking Gerrard from Liverpool gets a special prize.

To make things easier, after the jump is a list of all the Premiership teams for your cut-and-paste enjoyment.

Arsenal –
Aston Villa –
Blackburn –
Bolton –
Charlton –
Chelsea –
Everton –
Fulham –
Liverpool –
Manchester City –
Manchester Utd –
Middlesbrough –
Newcastle Utd –
Portsmouth –
Reading –
Sheffield Utd –
Tottenham –
Watford –
West Ham –
Wigan –

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