Wenger: We Will Beat Tottenham

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You’d think that coming off dismal performances and losses to Bolton and Fulham, effectively killing Arsenal’s Premiership title chances, would blunt Arsene Wenger’s confidence ahead of the North London derby, but he’s certainly not showing it,

“We have a difficult game coming up against Tottenham, and I do not agree at all with the way the fixtures have been organised – it is a farce,”

“I cannot understand how the Premier League can organise midweek fixtures in between Champions League games.

“They are very creative because to get that through anywhere else in Europe, you will have big problems.”

“We play now against opponents who did not play this week – but we will beat them.”

Them’s fighting words wherever you’re from, the Spurs boys at GG-chat.net aren’t too happy about it while Arsenal supporters at Arsenal-mania.com seem to be genuinely wondering whether their legendary manager has lost the plot after the Fulham match. Perhaps not the best time to start making bold claims about your next match.

With Tottenham finally picking up their Premiership form and Arsenal in a bit of a crisis, Arsene Wenger didn’t really need to add more spice to this derby or what is arguably the league’s most bitter rivalry – but it certainly works out well for the neutrals. Both clubs are on the verge of turning very different looking corners and there couldn’t be a better time for them to meet. It’s a good bet that this Saturday’s big match will be the explosive clash that Chelsea-United never quite became.