The “I Love Martin Jol” Song

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jolhulkIn today’s far-too-much-time-on-your-hands Premiership news, some bloke has carefully crafted a quite professional sounding rendition of “I Love Rock’n’Roll” called the “I Love Martin Jol” song. It’s the big story doing the rounds on Tottenham message boards other than how to avoid Arsenal supporters at work, and whether or not the entire squad should be sold in January.

The song is actually pretty catchy and certainly well put together, including such lyrics as:

“He’s better than Gerry Francis and David Pleat,
Yeaah, Pleat!”

“Well he looks like a mafia hitman that’s for sure,
And he’ll crush you with a bear hug when we score,”

“He’s harder than Sly Stallone in Rocky 3,
Yeah, 3!”

If Tottenham supporters can successfully learn and perform this entire song on matchday, then their support might actually be as good as they’re always telling us it is. To listen to the full song and also watch a rather amusing supporter Q&A with Jol and Paul Robinson, click here.

[Thanks to Edison for sending in]