Let’s All Play The Watford Way

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If we’re honest, 95% of the reason for this article was the opportunity to use that headline. But Watford boss Aidy “Not Andy” Boothroyd reckons their draw against Manchester City only highlighted how playing football the “Watford Way” will be the key to preserving their Premiership status,

‘We have to get back to the Watford way,’ he said.

‘That means energy, workrate and defending for your life, while at the same time making sure we play some form of attacking football that upsets the opposition.

‘Against the kind of quality we are facing every week there will be times when we have to be resolute and stand firm.

‘But we have kept five clean sheets now, which is important. The next step is to take chances when they arrive.’

We’ve found ourselves with a soft spot for all the promoted teams lately, their lack of in-fighting, pretentious drama and self-importance is a refreshing change from the rest of the Premiership clubs. If Watford, Sheffield United and Reading all stay up that means three of those boring perennially mid-table clubs will be gone and the league will be shaken up for the better.