Henry Slates Cannavaro? Oh Dear…

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Even as a Tottenham supporter, Boggs used to respect Thierry Henry. Used to…

This falls into that category of “you brought this on yourself“, but Arsenal captain Thierry Henry has come out and had a go at Fabio Cannavaro after the Italy and Real Madrid defender beat him to the Ballon d’Or – much to the annoyance of some,

“In Berlin Cannavaro put me out of the game in the first minute,” Henry fumed. “It is clear he did it deliberately and great defenders don’t behave in this way.”

“We were 50 metres from goal,” he continued. “I left the ball and he pretended that he didn’t see me coming. He did the same thing with (Franck) Ribery during France-Italy at the Stade de France (during the Euro 2008 qualifier, which France won 3-1).”

“For me a great defender must not play like this in such a big game; he values nothing.”

“Great defenders are Laurent Blanc, Lilian Thuram, Paolo Maldini and Marcel Desailly, who were always really hard but correct.”

Oh the one hand, Henry is correct in that the most respectable players are those who stay within the rules of the game and the Arsenal striker has certainly conducted himself in a manner he can be proud of during his Premiership career. On the other hand, he’s being a bit righteous at best and hypocritical at worst. Henry wasn’t exactly being the model professional when he went down clutching his face after a bump in the chest from Carlos Puyol during the same World Cup as Cannavaro’s apparent travesty against football.

But then again, I’ve kinda accepted that Thierry Henry will just say anything to get his way whether it’s true or not. Hey, it’s his words, not mine.