Why Get Rid Of Shevchenko?

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Andri Shevchenko scoring against Levski Sofia suggests he’s ready to begin his Chelsea career for real and start scoring goals. But really it harks back to another player who was heralded as the best in his position in Italy, possibly the world, when he arrived in the Premiership and showed plenty glimpses of his undoubted talent in Europe but couldn’t quite adjust his game to the Premiership .

Juan Sebastian Veron flattered to deceived at both Manchester United and Chelsea, his quality technique and long range passing remained but the rest of his game just didn’t fit in with the Premiership style, but did make for some impressive European Cup performances. Shevchenko’s lack of Premiership goals suggest he could be going down the same path.

Maybe he’s just not a Premiership player – the slightly more rough and tumble approach is better suited to more rough and tumble players. Players like Didier Drogba for example. No arguments over who has the better technique between Drogba and Shevchenko, but only the Ivorian is putting the ball in the net regularly. But the problem hasn’t really been that Shevchenko is being bullied out of games but rather than his usual clinical finishing has temporarily left him. Chances that we’ve seen him put away time after time in Italy are now flying into row Z. Surely it’s only a matter of time before he relaxes and starts burying them?

The man himself said,

I feel at home at Chelsea, and it’s felt like my team for a long time, but unfortunately my game doesn’t suit Mourinho.

“Everyone has been writing about me being sent on loan to Milan. I still haven’t discussed this question with the management, but the bosses
themselves probably still haven’t decided.

“But if it happens, I’m ready to pack my bags. I’m a completely self-confident person. If I don’t suit somebody then I’ll go back to Italy,
no problem, and prove how good I can still be.”

Drogba certainly thinks the Ukrainian’s presence on the pitch has been fundamental to his and Chelsea’s success this season. Mourinho seems happy to give both he and Ballack time to get their feet set, so as long as the club keep winning is there really a problem?