CaughtOffside At The World Club Cup

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So we’re currently in Japan to cover the FIFA World Club Championship.

While may European football supporters dismiss the competition, the rather compelling structure of the tournament (European champions vs Asian champions vs Oceania champions etc etc.) means it should probably be valued more highly than it currently is.

But thanks to Arsenal letting everyone down in the Champions League final this tournament has little direct relevance to the Premiership. However, it will certainly be a gripping football tournament and predicting a winner is no simple feat. Will it be Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC? Will it be Ahly Sporting Club? Will it be Auckland City FC? Will it be Barcelona?

Well…Barcelona. It’ll probably be Barcelona. But we’re more excited to see if there might be a gem of a player or two to uncover, such as Pato “The Duck” Alexandre and that’s where our focus will be, bringing you the star performers from each team, each match as they relate to Premiership clubs. That, and trying to figure out which vending machine product is the least likely to kill us.

With the Premiership transfer window less than a month away there’s not a better time to start overhyping players that no one has ever heard of.