What The Hell Is A Drog?

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With Arsenal vs Chelsea tomorrow, an article inevitably popped up on Sky Sports titled “Senderos Is Top Drog” with Wenger giving his backing to Philipe Senderos as he hopes to contain Didier Drogba – a task he failed miserably at last season.

“Drogba is playing well but this is part of a learning process. Today, Senderos is more experienced and he can show that against Drogba.

“I’m not worried about the situation. Drogba has got better and Senderos has as well. Who has improved the most? We’ll answer that on Sunday.”

Chances are, Drogba will abuse Senderos again as the Swiss international has yet to hit the heights of his role in Arsenal’s Champions League final run while Didier is playing the football of his life. But it got us thinking, what the hell is a “Drog”? And why are the papers obsessed with working it into any article or headline involving the Ivorian?

It’s not a word, you can replace “Dog” with it in a number of phrases but it doesn’t make sense. Just look at a few of these snappy headlines from the past couple seasons:

Didier: I’m Top Drog
Hornets Fail To Beware The Drog
Hot ‘Drog’ The Best – Mourinho
The Hand Of Drog
Drog-Fuelled Rampage

And our personal favourite,

Chelsea’s Swoop Droggy Drog”

Consider those paychecks earned, Guys-Who-Come-Up-With-Headlines.