Drogba And Lehmann Do It Droggystyle

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The first 10 minutes of the weekend’s big Premiership match between Arsenal and Chelsea were pretty entertaining as the two sets of supporters fought to influence Ashley Cole. The last 20 minutes was real end-to-end, anus-clenching stuff, but with a draw leaving both clubs unsatisfied the highlight had to be the hilarious battle of the drama queens. You could say that they did it “Droggystyle”, but that would be stupid.

Drogba has a reputation for diving, Lehmann has a reputation for being an absolute child, so when you get them within 10 yards of each other there was bound to be some kind of embarassingly childish spat. You might say it was “Drogevitable”, which would barely make sense.

Everyone has seen it by now, but the incident was so ridiculous and so embarassing it warrants just that little bit more exposure.