Who Can Save West Ham?

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With Alan Pardew over and out, there is one hot job opportunity just opened up at West Ham. It’s the chance to save a well-supported Premiership club from relegation, earn hero status amongst the supporters, then have at it with a crazy Icelandic bloke’s money and build the team of your dreams.

Here are a few realistic candidates (plus Glenn Hoddle) to be the next man in charge at Upton Park – let us know who you’d want to bring in or nominate someone yourself:

Sven-Goran Eriksson – won’t be popular with anyone who’s seen England play in the last few years, but his European track record and the Nordic link may persuade Eggert Magnusson than Sven is the man. Newcastle fans would be relieved.

Alan Curbishley – the perfect job for him. West Ham are roughly at the level he left Charlton at, but with the financial potential to go higher. Will be popular with fans, but lacks experience spending the big bucks. There’s only one way to get it though.

Harry Redknapp – bring him back Why not? It wasn’t until ‘Arry left the first time that all this trouble started, and West Ham fans would trade league positions with Portsmouth fans right now in a heartbeat. The floppy faced-guru has already saved one club from certain relegation and shown he knows what to do with a big transfer budget – it’s almost too perfect.

Mark Hughes – Doing a fine job at Blackburn but it’s difficult to imagine him taking that club any further than he has given their ever-dwindling resources. He’s cut his teeth in international management, got Premiership experience and is primed for a job to a club of true potential. Plus, for all those Hammers complaining about lack of graft in midfield – Robbie Savage, anyone?

Ian Holloway
– it’s only a matter of time before the quotetastic QPR [Ed: and current Bristol] boss gets a stab at the Prem. It won’t be with West Ham though.

Glenn Hoddle – experienced… tactically astute… Premiership experience… out of work… but… mental. Plus there’s that whole Tottenham thing.

Paul Jewell – going great guns at Wigan, and has proven with Bradford that he’s got the balls necessary for a relegation battle. Maybe he could sign Dean Windass again. Imagine facing a Windass/Tevez forward line? Scary.

Steve Coppell – like Jewell, only with years of experience. This guy is doing some incredible work at Reading. Despite a long career, he’s never put a foot wrong (aside from getting into that weird fired/hired sado-masochistic relationship with Crystal Palace).

Kevin Keen – ‘Keen’ not ‘Keegan’. Former West Ham Reserves boss and now caretaker manager. If he strings a few results together, could nail the job down. Although hiring a caretaker full time hasn’t exactly been a proven path to the Premiership success that West Ham supporters will expect.

Jürgen Klinsmann
– just turned down the USA job in mysterious circumstances (some sort of sausage-related disagreement no doubt), but might jump at an opportunity like this one. Maybe his old mate from Tottenham Teddy Sherringham could make a phone call.