Redknapp Reveals Worst Deal Ever

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After Portsmouth’s 2-2 Premiership draw with Arsenal, he revealed that Portugese midfielder Manuel Fernandes’ loan deal stipulates that if he plays 3 matches in a row then Pompey have to buy him for £12 million. Yes, you did read that right.

Redknapp said: ‘I did not do the deal which brought him here.

‘The problem for me is that the fee is £12million – and I do not want to pay £12million.

‘It was not my idea, I just sort of inherited it.

When Harry Redknapp seems somewhat embarassed by a transfer deal, you know it must be pretty crazy. it’s just disappointing that this time it wasn’t his doing.

But anyone who’s ever played Football Manager (and you probably have) can relate to this one all too well, although it’s a little worrying that two parties actually agreed to a transfer deal like this when one was not a flawed computer game.