Fernandes Unhappy With Awful Loan Deal

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Poor Manuel Fernandes, the Benfica midfielder currently on loan to Portsmouth seems rather confused about the terrible terms of his time with the Premiership club,

“I do not understand many things this week,” Fernandes told A Bola.

“In the first few days the coach said to me that I would play against Arsenal in the XI, but afterwards the situation changed by order of the chairman.

“I don’t know about the agreement between the clubs, but the reality is that I wanted to play.

“I am worried by the situation. I am very unhappy.

Yes, the situation was changed by order of the chairman. From the sounds of things, Harry was impressed enough by Fernandes to want to play the lad against Arsenal but was promptly told he probably shouldn’t unless he wants to shell out 12 million for him. Floppy Face sounded just as surprised and confused when he revealed the nature of the deal, so it can’t have made much sense to the Portugese midfielder.

It really doesn’t seem like the kind of deal two professional sports organisations would agree to, it doesn’t serve Benfica’s interests as Pompey can quite easily not play the lad 3 times in a row – as they are – and we’re not sure why Portsmouth would have proactively suggested this unless they thought Benfica were idiots.

A bizarre, logic-defying transfer deal involving Harry Redknapp? You don’t say…