Damn You Mourinho!

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We thought we had you cornered, your mind games and carefully planned media outbursts had finally worn thin with Premiership media and supporters (including yours). Your ‘diving‘ accusations against Andy Johnson and Everton, left yourself and Chelsea with egg on your face. A man of such pride and arrogance would never apologise despite glaring evidence against him, so we’d be able to use this to dismiss Jose’s credibility anytime he opened his mouth in the future.


‘First I would like to say I have the utmost respect for Everton Football Club, David Moyes and their players. That’s why I love to play them, and especially at Goodison Park where the atmosphere is magnificent.

‘Secondly, after the match I was clear and said Andy Johnson is a great player and I never used aggressive words, like some managers did against my players in previous seasons, or like some others recently said about him and Ronaldo. I never used the word `cheat’.

‘After seeing it again on the video, (referee) Mr Halsey did wonderful work and both decisions for penalties were correct. Did Andy Johnson try to avoid a collision with my goalkeeper? It seems now the answer to that is yes so Everton, his manager and he deserve my apologies.’

Damn you, Jose Mourinho!