Martin Jol Is Good, But Won’t Make Spurs Great Again

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CaughtOffside readers can be a judgemental bunch, but Mr. C feels there’s a little air to clear over the merits of Martin Jol.

Having been on the end of a raucous volley in my previous two articles I felt the need to explain the reasons why I have such reservations about Martin Jol. Why many of you see me as a person who has little respect for our great club and is some goon on a wind up, let me enlighten you.

I find it amusing when people reply to the article and I hear things like “He is the best coach in 20yrs”, “You don’t know what your talking about”, “Call yourself a supporter”, “I would spit on you if I ever saw you”, such replies are cheap and at least come out with constructive counter arguments; this is what a football debate is all about, Isn’t it?

Nobody wants Martin Jol to succeed more than I do, but I BELIEVE he hasn’t got the tools to make us a great club again; If he does make us a force in the Premiership and Europe then I will be big enough to hold my hands up and admit it but based on the evidence so far I stand by my argument.

A lot of you have this misconception that Jol is responsible for changing the clubs fortunes after the grey old days of Gross, Francis, Graham and Ossie; how the hell do you come to that conclusion? If anyone deserves all the credit for the turn around then it has to be Frank Arnesen and our Board who completely changed the structure of how the club is to be run. Arnesen became a turncoat and moved to Chelsea but he had done the troubleshooting job that was desperately required and as a result our club is in the best shape it has been in years. He transformed every department of the club from the medical team, coaching practices and most importantly laid down a blueprint for the club in bringing the best young English and foreign talent to the club as a basis for the future. It is fair to say that by signing, Robinson [Ed: Pleat signing, technically, but the argument stands], Dawson, Huddlestone, Jenas and Lennon to play alongside the likes of King and Defoe that Arnesen had not only created a firm foundation and spine for us but the English national team too.

I will give Martin Jol some credit because although he has inherited the best squad of players any Spurs manager has been given probably ever – given that the likes of Billy Nick and Keith Burkinshaw had to build their sides from scratch, he managed to get us in the top 5 last year for the first time since 1990. Personally given the squad and the fact the side only had to play 40 games all of last season, I was slightly concerned that we couldn’t make the Champions League spot given that our rivals were playing 60+ games but that’s another story.

Anyway I feel enough has been said about Jol and its becoming a waste of column inches talking about him especially when surely we as supporters should be focusing on the outstanding strides Tom Huddlestone is making in the first team.

Which I will…tomorrow.

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