The Debate: Should West Ham Persist With Tevezcherano?

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Last week it was Rafa’s post-takeover future, before that it was diving. This week The Debate is whether West Ham should persist with trying to bed in Tevezcherano.

Despite the fact that Carlos Tevez started to hit his stride the last few matches of Alan Pardew’s tenure, Alan Curbishley decided to have him keep Javier Mascherano company on the sidelines in the win over Manchester United. Returning to the more tried and tested players who did so well for West Ham last season seems to have paid immediate rewards, and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon, but is this the right direction for the longer term?

Although they’ve had their problems in the Premiership, Tevezcherano remain one of the most talented duos in world football. Tevez started to look good in the last few matches of Alan Pardew’s reign and if his pal can make a similar transition then Curbs would have two players who bring an entirely different level of quality, and flair, to his team. On the other hand, if the duo are buggering off in January or the summer as many believe, is there even a point in trying to get them settled – especially as West Ham are no longer in a position to give anyone time to do so? With plenty of money available to replace them in January, it may be time to cut their losses and accept that this rocky start for the Argentinians probably won’t turn out quite as well as Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardilles’ did for Tottenham.

This week, rather than the usual point-counterpoint format we want to open it up to you.

Should West Ham persist with Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano? Or just forget about them and move on? Either let us know your thoughts in the comments or send an article along to editor[at]caughtoffside[dot]com.