What Else Should Mourinho Apologise For?

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho surprised the Premiership by actually apologising to Andy Johnson after accusing the Everton striker of diving. Although it may have been a PR excercise forced upon him, he still went ahead with it and kudos to him.

But now the floodgates have opened, and Alex Ferguson rather cheekily suggested that Mourinho apologise for saying that Chelsea would be ahead of Manchester United by Christmas Day.

‘Perhaps it shows that we shouldn’t believe Jose Mourinho. He said Chelsea would be top at Christmas and they are not.

‘He has to apologise after lying about an Everton player this week. Perhaps he should be apologising again.’

Everyone knows that Mourinho does it all for the benefit of his team rather than actually being a prat, even Sir Alex, but in the spirit of the holidays and with Jose Mourinho in such a giving mood, anyone remember anything else the Premiership’s favourite instigator may want to seek forgiveness for?