Yossi Being A Little Less Than Subtle

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As if West Ham didn’t have enough issues, midfielder Yossi Benayoun has used the powers of suggestion to shed some light on the London club’s plight:

“I am ashamed. I am shocked at the way we played. We played like a bunch of drunks,” said Benayoun.

“Curbishley said to the players that no-one will go – but who knows after this game?”

“At the moment, I am not going. The fans like me, I have had no offers.”

Given that the 6-0 drubbing came on New Year’s Day, after one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, and with a squad rumored to be a little less than Neville-esque off the pitch, we’re wondering just how literal Yossi is being with his assessment of their performance.

Following that up with the ever-popular “I’m not leaving because I don’t have any offers yet” might seal Yossi’s fate with the legions of fans he believes support him.