Reed Undermined By Press, Not Crapness

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Les Reed, sacked by Charlton after a brief (41 days) and incredibly poor spell at the helm, has blamed lack of support in the media for his demise rather than his own crapness,

“There were very few, if any, supportive stories appearing in the media,” Reed told Sky Sports News.

“There was tremendous criticism from pundits on TV who don’t know me, who found, I think, an easy story.

“It was very easy to focus the problem on this man. ‘He’s never done it before, he quite clearly can’t do this, can’t do that’ which are all fallacies.

“The fans listen to that and begin to believe that, and that made it a very, very difficult situation, despite whatever I tried to do.

“Everything I tried to do was professional and proper. All the training ground stuff was right, all the back-up stuff was right, but there was always this underlying feeling of me being undermined.”

It’s difficult to decide where to start with such a rant. Media bias? Fans listening to the press rather than giving him a fair shot? Perhaps if Reed had won more than one match in eight attempts, or had not lost to League Two Wycombe in the League Cup, or did not get Charlton to play like a shambolic mess of poorly coached, untalented footballers, then he may have a case to argue.