A Call to Arms for All Arsenal Fans

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Sometimes we get reader submissions for From The Terraces that are just delightful. This is one of those times as CaughtOffside reader James sticks his neck out. Far.

As a Gooner, it hurts me to say it, but the crowd support at the Emirates started badly and is not improving. Most recently, being sat right next to the Blackburn fans for their 6-2 thrashing and getting outsung at nearly every opportunity was humiliating, and when I was sat at the opposite end for the 4-0 Charlton win the home support was little better. The best Premiership club can not have the worst support, it’s the last thing that even the bitterest Tottenham supporter can use against us.

There are many theories for this (high ticket prices, increased capacity, new middle class fans, football as entertainment) but theories do not solve a noise deficit problem.

Unfortunately, I have heard fellow Gooners hitting back at the newcomers: “Why the hell did you come here in the first place?”

Yes, it is frustrating but this doesn’t help. And give them a chance – they’re here, not at home watching it on Sky.

All that’s happened is that there are new guys and girls at the ground who don’t know the chants. Who knows – the person next to you might have an Arsenal tattoo on their arse in a year’s time. If Liverpool supporters can start a “Take Back The Kop” campaign without shame, then we should be able to do likewise for the Emirates.

So, in order to get everyone in harmony at the Emirates, here are three classic Arsenal chants to get the ball rolling. Newcomers: you’ll pick up the other easy/generic ones easily:

Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a, Gooner! (repeat)

We all follow the Arsenal,
Over land and sea, (and Leicester!)
We all follow the Arsenal,
Onto victory!
(To the tune of “Land of Hope and Glory”)


Who’s that team they call the Arsenal?
Who’s that team we all adore?
They’re the boys in red and white,
And we’re fucking dynamite,
‘Cos [Georgy Graham’s] mother is a whooooooooore!
Yeah she’s a whore!
Yeah she’s a whore!

(Hear it here)

To the newcomers – learn the words! Get on Google and learn the others!
To the old timers – sing louder so the newcomers can hear how it’s done!
To those in the corporate seats – you’ve got free booze so drink it and sing!

Just because we’re a big club in a big stadium, doesn’t mean the atmosphere has to be crap. Leave that to Manchester United.