Is Souness Really That Bad?

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Ok, so he was pretty crap at Liverpool… and pretty crap at Blackburn… and pretty crap at Newcastle. But has Graeme Souness’ reputation as a Premiership manager been damaged so badly that not only does he have to drop into the lower divisions, he has to buy his next job?

Souness is apparently preparing to make a 20 million bid to take over Wolves which, when we first heard about it, led to much outcry of “How the f**k does Graeme Souness have 20 million?!”. But apparently he’s just convinced some mate to stump up the cash for him,

“Last week I made an offer, subject to an examination of the club’s books and accounts, of £20m.”

“I have had several telephone conversations with Sir Jack Hayward and I have spoken as well with Jez Moxey (Wolves Chief Exec)”

“I was told ‘no’ by Jez Moxey but the offer still stands. It is Sir Jack’s football club and if he chooses not to sell it at this time, that’s his prerogative. He can do what he wants.

“I have a partner and I see the club having vast potential and I would put more money into it – if I got the opportunity.

“This is not a Johnny Foreigner coming along to make a quick buck. But Jez has told me the offer wasn’t acceptable. That’s the end of the matter but it is there on the table.”

So, it seems that we finally have an answer to the age old question “What’s worse than having Graeme Souness manage your club?”