Beckham Finally On His Way

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We’ve pondered many a time this season whether Beckham would make his way back to the Premiership, with Tottenham, Aston Villa, Newcastle and West Ham (ie. any non-top four club with money) all linked but without any confirmed interest, and one firm “No“. But after falling out with Fabio Capello at Real Madrid (must Tom Cruise ruin everything?), it seems like we’ll finally have an answer this January,

Real’s Director of Sport (what else do they play?) Pedrag Mijatovic revealed that the former England captain would not sign a new contract at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“Beckham will leave us, we will not renew his contract,” he stated.

Quite a simple statement for a not-so-simple situation, the MLS have come banging on Beckham’s door pretty hard and while the former Manchester United winger is still certainly a step above the majority of Premiership midfielders and would raise the profile and marketing revenues of any club, he may simply decide he’s had enough of the limelight and take the easy route in the USA.

Although if there’s one thing anyone can agree on when it comes to Beckham, it’s that that last sentence sounds like absolute bollocks.