Beckham’s Premiership Return Doubtful…Again…

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So, we thought Beckham was finally off but apparently it’s all just a silly misunderstanding and/or publicity stunt,

“I’ve spoken to Real Madrid about this and they say it is a confusion in the interview with Mijatovic,” the spokesman said.

“There is an offer on the table from Real Madrid. We will be meeting to discuss this in the next two days.”

We admit we got a little excited at the prospect of Beckham’s return to the Premiership, the man’s career has taken a bit of a sad turn lately, but unfortunately the whole saga has exceeded our attention span. So this story now falls firmly into the “We’ll believe it when we see him in the shirt” bucket, never to be mentioned until something actually happens.

In fact, we’re not even going to bother with a photo. So there!