Mourinho Becoming A Spoiled Child

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There’s not a whole lot we have to tell you here, other than Jose Mourinho is again complaining about how terrible and small his squad at Chelsea is,

“I’m not even as lucky as some other people because I don’t have in the reserve team defenders with the quality and ready to play for my team,” said Mourinho.

“You look at other teams – Glenn Roeder had (Paul) Huntington, and the boy who scored against Manchester United (David Edgar).

“Other teams have an answer. We have no quality defenders and players ready to play for the first team.

“They are too young or not good enough to play at this level. I don’t even have a second squad to go and pick players.”

We can’t help but feel that there are a few managers and supporters who would disagree. Newcastle didn’t play Huntington and Edgar because they were world class youngsters – they did it because they had to and were lucky that the boys rose to the challenge. With all the money that they’ve spent and all the poaching that they’ve done, we find it more than a little hard to believe that Chelsea don’t have anyone of equal talent in their reserves.

It sounds more like Mourinho has looked into his second squad and reserves for someone who is of the same quality as his world class first team players, obviously hasn’t found them, and thrown his toys out of the pram. Sympathy is hard to come by for a club with endless transfer money and who tapped up and poached their head scout specifically to build a strong squad.

If Jose isn’t willing to take a chance on any player who isn’t an experienced professional or multi-million pound signing, as the rest of the Premiership clubs have to, then that’s his problem.