Les Reed: Premiership’s Most Desperate Man

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He’s already come out and moaned about it once, but Les Reed, record holder for shortest/worst reign as Charlton manager, is again trying to salvage his reputation and talk himself into another job.

Reed emerged from his apparent cave to express his surprise at how his completely illogical appointment was received by those nasty, nasty pundits,

“Nobody told me it would be easy, but what I had not accounted for was the media campaign that would create a hostile environment in which I would have to work,” said Reed.

“This was instigated by football pundits on television who did not know me or this club well enough to comment, but who thought it was their place to approve or disapprove of Premiership managerial appointments.”

Wah wah wah…

“I would like to make it clear I would have done everything in my power to get this club out of trouble, but perhaps it was right man, right club, wrong time. My position had become untenable in circumstances not of my making and beyond my control.

“I still believe in different circumstances I would have been a successful manager at Charlton and could still be a success elsewhere.”

Hearing such quotes makes a pretty strong case to us that Reed was out for Dowie’s job all along, and could have easily been a factor in pushing the butt-faced man out the door rather hastily.