Peter Kenyon Wants You To Trust Him

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Nothing quells controversey like calming words from the least trustworthy source ever, and Chelsea Chief Executive and overall evil man Peter Kenyon has stepped unto the breach to put an end to the rumblings of discontent over Jose Mourinho’s future at the club,

“Chelsea are not in crisis,” Kenyon told Sky Sports News.

“I know lots of clubs that would like to be six points off in the Premiership and we’re probably the only club in contention for all four trophies.

“We’re calm and we are clear and the objectives of everybody, the board and Jose, is to concentrate on following up from what has been two fantastic seasons.

“The owner and the board are fully supportive of Jose and let me tell you, Jose is fully intending to see the job out.

“I signed him to Chelsea with a vision of where we wanted to take it and he wanted to be part of it. And we’re two years into it, his contract runs until 2010 and as I said before, he’s got the full support of the board.

“And quite bluntly, where is there better to go?”

That settles that, now let’s never speak of it again.