Michael Owen Still Alive

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Ah yes, Michael Owen, we remember him. Little lad who plays for Liverpool, right? What? Newcastle? Oh…

Anyway, apparently he’s emerged from whatever he’s been doing the past few years to tell some sort of new Sky Sports magazine that Thierry Henry is quite good, and that he has not seen a single Chelsea match this season,

“The player that always impresses me is Thierry Henry. He’s probably the best player to have ever graced the Premiership.”

“I’m a big fan of Shevchenko. It’s amazing that people are questioning him. He is one of the greats of the modern game,” Owen said.

Thanks Mickey! As sad as it is, we can’t really imagine Owen will get back to playing regularly again unless he’s had both legs replaced with bionic implants. Between him and Kieron Dyer, Newcastle have two players that personify the club over the past few years – so much potential, so little success.