17 Year Old Left Back To Solve All Tottenham’s Problems

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When Southampton announced an “unnamed” Premiership club was willing to meet their nearly 10 million asking price for 17 year old left back Gareth Bale, we’ll admit we thought it had to be Manchester United throwing their excessive weight around once again.

But apparently, the bid – seemingly accepted now – was from Tottenham, who had a wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket after being beaten to Ashley Young by Aston Villa. If the money paid for a relatively unproven Young seemed silly, then the fee for Bale is downright criminal.

After a terrible performance against Newcastle, leading twice only to lose 3-2, and a terrible performance against a 10 man Fulham, needing a late goal to draw, and a terrible (and now typical) second half performance against Arsenal’s U-12s at home, it seemed like there may have been better ways for Martin Jol to spend. Bale may be an immense player in a few years, but if Spurs keep playing like they have been then it’s hardly going to matter.

With apparently at least 10 million to throw around this window, somehow we doubt this was the ideal way Tottenham supporters wanted to see that money used.