West Ham’s 18MM Bid For Bent Is Bad News For The Hammers

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For a while, there was a question over exactly how much money Eggsy Eggbertson was going to invest in West Ham when he took over. 10 million? 15 million? After a respectable but unspectacular spending on the likes of Nigel Quashie from West Brom and Calum Davenport from Tottenham, the Hammers have had a pretty ridiculous 18 million pound bid rejected by Charlton for Darren Bent.

With silly money the name of the game in this Transfer Window (see :Young, Ashley and Bale, Gareth) this one takes the cake. West Ham have shown their cards and pretty much eliminated any chance they had of paying a normal price for a player ever again.

Because if West Ham bid 18 million for Bent what would Tottenham now ask for Jermaine Defoe should Curbishley have to look elsewhere for options up front? Aston Villa for Agbonlahor? Preston for David Nugent? Middlesbrough for Massimo Maccarone? Ok that last one probably won’t change (hint: he’s free).

So while Curbishley and his Biscuit King had done a good job of staying calm and smartly spending their apparently massive transfer kitty, they’ve confidently strode into an area inhabited previously by only Chelsea and Manchester United. Eggsy Eggbertson better be absolutely minted, or else West Ham may have just shot themselves in the foot.