Lippi Whores Himself To The Premiership

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Former Juventus boss and World Cup winning hero Marcelo Lippi has left no stone unturned as he explain to The Sun (riiiight) that he is ready to pop his Premiership cherry,

I’m aware that I’m on the wanted list at a number of big clubs, but specifically at Chelsea, and I regard that as only natural,” Lippi told The Sun.

“I know I’m a good coach and if anyone is surprised about top clubs like Chelsea wanting me, then I just point to my record.

“I have coached teams which have reached the Champions League final four times, I’ve won Serie A five times and of course the World Cup, too.

“If anyone thinks that a move to a big English club is beyond me, then I’d just say ‘give me a break’.

“I’m ready, willing and enthusiastic to coach in England, even though I know that people mistakenly say I can’t speak English.

“There are already a number of foreign coaches working in England, so I cannot see why people might say that Chelsea is not the place for me.

“It feels wholly understandable after a year out and given my CV that a big club wants to sign me and I will make my final decision in May.”

A bizarre mix of arrogance, insecurity and paranoia makes Lippi our favourite to replace Jose Mourinho as the Premiership’s wind up merchant should he arrive. We’re just hoping it’s not in the Portugeezer’s shoes as the mind games between Ferguson, Wenger, Benitez, Mourinho and Lippi will surely be spectacular.

Sadly, though, we can’t see where Marcelo will end up. Assuming Peter Kenyon isn’t lying to our face and Jose stays at Chelsea, the big four have their bosses in place. Newcastle and Tottenham seem relatively happy with their men in charge and the likes of West Ham and Aston Villa have only just appointed their “first choice” bosses.

But ignoring the realism of it all, are there any supporters out there who would replace their current manager with Lippi?