Scolari Tells Ronaldo To Leave Manchester United

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Seems like South American coaches aren’t interested in telling their own players what to do, but everyone elses as well. After Argentinian boss warned Tevezcherano that their move to West Ham was a bad idea, Dr. Phil Scolari reckons Cristiano Ronaldo has learned all he can from Sir Alex and should hop on the next luxury jet out of Manchester United,

‘The basic education stage of his career is ending and I know Cristiano is ready for a change of atmosphere,’ Scolari told The Sun.

‘Barcelona would hugely enjoy having Cristiano in their team because he would complement Ronaldinho perfectly – they have different characteristics.

‘For Cristiano, the Barcelona climate would be important – most days are sunny and it’s hardly ever cold like England.

‘That gives a player all the motivation he needs to train and play.’

‘Cristiano needs to move somewhere where the team is an integral part of the club – not somewhere where the system is based on individual `heroes’ or `stars’. Moving to a club where there are four or five `stars’ who do their own thing is unworkable.’

Scolari knows a thing or two about rejecting England, but calling Ronaldo’s time at Manchester United his ‘basic education’ isn’t going to sit too well with those in Cantona bedsheets.

Just as with the Premiership’s other Portugeezer we love to hate, Jose Mourinho, Ronaldo is simply one of those talents that makes the league a better place. So here’s hoping that Dr. Phil’s advice falls on deaf, creepily well groomed ears.