‘Small Club’ Tag Is Everton’s Own Fault

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This time, COS reader Adrian reckons Everton did little Sunday to counter that ‘small club’ business.

Just where were the road blocks in central Liverpool this Sunday? After such a raucous celebration, I’d assumed an open top bus parade was in order to celebrate a point taken by the ‘People’s Club’* in the Merseyside derby. It comes to something when your season’s highlight is holding out for a goalless draw. After their glorious 4th place of 0405, I guess the 4 points earned against us this season gives Moyes opportunity to wet himself over more evidence of who’s the best club on Merseyside?! The last time Liverpool celebrated such an result we were holding the then Italian champions at the Stadio Delle Alpe to reach the CL semis.

With such a comparison in mind, what’s the real issue in our boss describing Everton
as ‘small’? I suspect Rafa was fumbling in his pigeon English to describe a team
from lower in the league seeking to hold out a better team. (If Rafa was snidely
making the point about Everton being a small club in a post-match interview, as a
Red I’m frankly disappointed in him. We should be above that). But EFC aren’t going
to miss an opportunity to release a petty official news announcement to reflect the
sensitivities of their fans.

The very fans that recently saw such upset in Joey Barton revealing his buttocks and the very fans that spent much of their Saturday afternoon this weekend hurling bile from the Anfield Road End, in the form of songs about Heysel and an odious ditty about Steven Gerrard – both with tunes borrowed from recent Reds chants. Didn’t they have their own team to support? (Or their own tunes?) I bet they’re pleased as punch – throwing a song back in our faces. (How hard do they work at that? As hard as the Mancs probably with their hymn sheets and their pre-game practice). Point is, it really wasn’t effective. The words of the Gerrard song couldn’t be made out, something about his daughter I think. But we know how low they can stoop and how nauseating they can be. (Their hero Dean would be happy to crawl on broken glass to stick matches in Stevie G’s shit, btw) Let there be no doubt, Everton fans demonstrate they are ‘small’ in one specific department –
their bitter, desperate, inferiority-aware minds.

*’People’s Club’ – this a handy claim. Now laughably adopted by the club itself, it
means absolutely nothing and therefore cannot be contested. It’s worth noting then
when Alex Higgins could not pocket a single red due to his fondness of the ale,
never mind win a frame, his management promoted him as the ‘People’s Champion’.
Enough said.