Life Gets Worse For West Ham As Bid Is Rejected

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They say things going wrong for West Ham is like waiting for a bus, you end up covered in sh*t.

Ok that didn’t really make sense, but the latest thing to go sour for the London club is a failed bid to move to London’s Olympic Stadium after the games in 2012. Tottenham decided that a running track made the stadium a bit crap, but the Hammers didn’t seem to care,

“The board unanimously decided, therefore, that it would not be possible to deliver this in collaboration with West Ham, or indeed any other Premier League football club, due to the number of design changes and associated time delays that the West Ham proposal would incur.

“The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, told the board that he is anxious to assist and support West Ham’s plans for developing and securing the future of the club.

“Following discussions with him, West Ham United are now exploring with the London Development Agency the possibility of relocating and building a new stadium.”

Admittedly, the comittee did decide that no Premiership club – not just West Ham – would be able to move to the stadium immediately following the Olympics. But Hammers fans have got to think it would be nice for something to go just a teeny weeny bit in their favour once this season.