Rafa Wants New Owners To Copy Madrid

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When we first read that Rafa Benitez wanted to mirror Real Madrid, we thought it signalled the beginning of the end for Liverpool as they embarked on a ridiculous “Pavons and Zidanes” Galatico transfer policy.

Luckily for Liverpool supporters, and unluckily for the media, Benitez simply meant expanding the club’s commercial power globally. Which is actually quite boring.

“We spoke a lot about the future of the club, and by the end I was very happy with what the people said,” Benitez told the Liverpool Echo “I was convinced they want the best for the club.

“Maybe Liverpool can not be as big as Real Madrid off the pitch, but they can learn from what clubs like this have done and become one of the biggest clubs in the world off the pitch as well as on it.”

Manchester United broke in, Chelsea set up a Chinese website, while Arsenal have a similar deal with an academy in Thailand than they do in the Ivory Coast.

Forget the Champions League or Premiership titles, we wonder if there’ll ever be a truer measure of success than how many shirts you can sell in Asia.