Chris Sutton Plays For Aston Villa?

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Only joking, of course. But Martin O’Neill has responded to the certain flood of emails and letters to him asking if Chris Sutton will play again for Aston Villa this season,

“There is improvement and we were all hoping at some stage that the blurred vision would go away or disappear rapidly,” O’Neill told the club’s official website.

“That hasn’t happened, but I think Chris wants to start doing some work on a non-contact basis to build up his fitness.

“He’s going to see what the specialist says.

“It’s a shame for him, but I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions about his season being finished or even his slightly longer-term future being in doubt.

“We’ll wait and see.”

Good to hear, as you never want to see a bloke out for a while with a head injury. But the last person we heard of with blurred vision and eyesight problems has come through quite nicely.