Bent Lies To Our Face

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Darren Bent reckons he never once considered leaving Charlton, stopping short of saying he supported the club as a boy and used to sleep in Matt Holland bedsheets,

“Obviously people were speculating here, there and everywhere – but it was never in my mind to leave,” he said.

“I knew that was the case the whole time so I just forgot about it and concentrated on getting myself fit.

“It is frustrating not to be out there because I want to be helping the team to stay in the Premier League.

“I am 100 per cent confident we will be in the Premiership next year.

“Some of our performances this year have been brilliant, but we just have not had the rub of the green. Now it seems like it is starting to turn.

“It is going to be a tough end to the season, but we know we can do it.”

We don’t doubt he’s alright staying to help fight for Charlton’s survival, since he knows the interest from other Premiership clubs will always be there, but the thought “never” crossed his mind? That’s as likely as him playing against Manchester United this weekend. But he’s injured …so he won’t …get it?

And it’s nice to see he’s 100% confident that Charlton will be in the Premiership next year. Although maybe instead of “we” he meant “I”.