Only Adebayor Can Help Henry Wind You Up

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As far as great football goal celebrations go, there are none better than seeing two players start dancing together to cap it off a great moment.

If you think that sounds awful, Thierry Henry disagrees with you. But the Arsenal striker revealed why only Emmanuel Adebayor can be his partner in what has to be the most aggravating windup in the Premiership right now,

“There is nothing really behind it,” he said. “It just happened. We were messing around in the dressing room.

“That is one of the steps that I do when I dance and we said we’d do it if we scored. To be honest he is the only one who can follow the steps.”

“Ade is doing tremendous right now. It is easy to point out [our partnership] at the moment because we have been dancing. Everybody is focussing on that. But, as I say, he is the only one who can do the dance with me that is why I dance with him.”

We originally just thought it was a bit crap, but the little dance has had a massive affect on opposing supporters. We watched both Manchester United and Tottenham lose to Arsenal recently, and it has to be said the ire of their fans was no greater than when Henry and Adebayor took the time to do their jig after bagging what was inevitably a winning goal. For any Arsenal supporter who loves a good pisstake at the expense of their rivals, this must be a Godsend.

If you look up “Insult to injury” in Wikipedia, we’re pretty sure you’d see this: