Fat Sam Says You’re Too Fat

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Bolton boss “Big/Fat” Sam Allardyce is concerned that the English nation is becoming a bunch of obese, lazy slobs rather than the fine professional athletes they should be, presumably in an attempt to prevent others ending up with the same physical attributes as himself and his son, Big Craig,

“This is not a football problem – it’s a massive problem for the country, caused by not getting the school curriculum right,” he warned.

“We are becoming a fat, lazy nation and our kids are the same. We simply don’t grow top sportsmen and women from a young age.

“It’s about identifying high quality young men and women and developing their talent before they are passed on to whatever sport they are going to be professionals in.

“The current England football team is fine but there are very few England Under 21 players playing regularly in the Premiership.

“Before we can get it right there will be two or three generations of English footballers that will not be good enough.

“If we don’t change now it will get worse before it gets better.”

As difficult as it is to be lectured on fitness by someone whose nickname is based on his size, Allardyce does have a point though. But it’s not so much an English problem as a worldwide one as more lads choose to compete in Pro Evo rather than outside in the park. And after watching the U21’s play against Spain, the technical and tactical quality is definitely floundering if you look beyond a handful of half decent players. It’s hard to see many of them becoming Premiership stars let alone international or world class.