Big Sam Mocks Wenger

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Always good for a nice sound byte Sam Allardyce, Bolton boss and former 80s superstar Meat Loaf, has come out to defend his buddy Paul Jewell against Arsene Wenger and Thierry Henry’s “time-wasting” strop,

‘Arsene has been very clever in choosing to make a little psychological profile of the time-wasting issue,’ said Allardyce.

‘It is as though the opposition always do it against them and they never do it.

‘But it doesn’t fool us and it doesn’t fool most of the other managers either because we know they are just as good at doing it as anyone else when they are in winning in the final minutes of matches.

‘He criticised us heavily for time-wasting when we nearly beat Arsenal last season, so hopefully he will be moaning about us again tomorrow.’

Nothing said that most non-Arsenal supporters weren’t saying already, but Bolton vs Arsenal has become on of the best Premiership club rivalries thanks to the success of the former by doing everything that Arsene Wenger just doesn’t like his opponents to do.

But if there’s one thing the Gunners have done well this season, it’s respond to adversity, and this FA cup match should benefit greatly from this tasty bit of build up.