Latest Transfer Rumours: Villa, Henry, Kewell, Mendieta, Sheringham and Mascherano

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The world of Premiership transfer rumours is full of nonsense, but some nonsense is more interesting that the other nonsense. Here’s our opinion on some of that more interesting nonsense… and if you have any thoughts, pop em in the comments.

Rafa Benitez is preparing a $40 million of those American dollars on Valencia’s David Villa.

CaughtOffside Says:
Not surprising that Rafa would go for one of the hottest property’s in Spanish football as the first move of the new Liverpool. But it does mean that either one of Peter Crouch or Craig Bellamy would be off despite both having pretty good scoring records. Oh the fickle nature of “new money”.

Milan and Inter both want dramatic Arsenal captain Thierry Henry at the San Siro (when it re-opens)

CaughtOffside Says: Simply ridiculous but maybe they could share him, then he could play at home every week where his ever-growing antics are appreciated.

Martin Jol wants Harry Kewell to play on Spurs’ left wing.

CaughtOffside Says: Wonder if Kewell is blamed for failing to attract Lucas Neill to Anfield? But nothing makes a better squad member than someone who’s injured or inconsistent 90% of the time, making Kewell as useful as the rest of that Spurs squad lately.

Middlesbrough’s Gaizka Mendieta could join the “Becksodus” (get it?) of aging right midfielders to MLS.

CaughtOffside Says: With such glamourous signings of superstars in their prime, it’s only a matter of time before sawker is big in the US…

Mr. Edward Sheringham, 140, of West Ham, London will be see out his twilight years as Dwight Yorke’s replacement at Sydney F.C.

CaughtOffside Says: At least it’s not Teddy-to-Spurs for the nine hundredth time? Hopefully Danielle Lloyd will find her way to Bondi Beach frequently and we can all be happy.

Javier Mascherano will be a Liverpool player within 48 hours.

CaughtOffside Says: We can feel a draft coming from that transfer window. Wonder if anyone will notice this one’s a little late?