Barton Struggles To Out-Do Thatcher After Doing Mendes

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Oh those Manchester City rascals, they sure know how to wind up Pedro Mendes by attempting to kill him. Not to be out-nuttered by Ben Thatcher, Joey Barton put in a challenge that made sure he was scraping bits of Portugese midfielder off his boot after the match,

“Barton meant to do it,” said Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp.

“Pedro was running the game before he got hurt and I thought it was a bad challenge. The ball had long gone when he was fouled.

“Anyone who says it was an accident needs their head examining. Barton deliberately did Pedro and deserved a red card.

“I am annoyed because Pedro is a good player and a good pro who does not go around kicking anybody.

“Now he has copped it twice. He is the one suffering again.”

Now, we’d never claim that this was some kind underground game where the Premiership’s nutters place bets on who can do the most damage to a single player and the winner claims the loser’s first born child, but the tackle certainly looked more than a bit robust.

It’s tough to blame Stuart Pearce in this case… wait… no it’s not because his nickname is “Psycho”.