Sidwell Butters Up Reading For Bad News

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In a refreshing display of honesty, ginger Valencia target Steve Sidwell has left nothing to chance when it comes to preparing his club and supporters for the future,

“I’m just sitting tight, seeing what’s out there,” Sidwell told Reading’s website. “I’m not hurting anyone, I’m just doing what’s best for me.

“It doesn’t mean I’m leaving or that I’m staying, I’m seeing what’s out there.

“I’m lucky to have a manager that will play me and believes in me.

“It’s good for me when I play well, but it’s good for the team. That’s they way the club’s looked at it, they’re keeping me to the end of the season.

“I’ve got to play well to attract clubs and if I’m doing that then the team will be playing well too. It’s the best of both worlds.

“I’ve always said, whenever I’m in a Reading shirt, I’ll give 100 per cent. There’s some fans out there that will give me stick, but performances like that will hopefully keep them quiet.”

That stick he mentioned may get a bit worse, but these days it’s hard to criticise a player for being honest with those who rely on him. Although buggering off on a free at the end of the season may not be quite so appreciated.