McCann: Fans Seem Happy We’re Doing A Bit Crap

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In a move that seems destined to bite him in the arse, Aston Villa midfielder James Nesbitt Gavin McCann has expressed his surprise at how content the Villa Park faithful seem to be this season,

“I think the fans accept defeat better now than they did a year ago because we have generally been playing well,” he explained.

“In a couple of games we have let ourselves down but overall we have done okay.

“It is quite weird because we are not in the top half of the table, we have only won two out of our past 15 matches and yet the fans seem happy.

“We have not really got any more points than we had this time last year. The recent victory against West Ham was massive because had we not achieved it, the pressure would have been on.

“But the way we play is such that people enjoy watching us more than they did last year.”

The pool of complete mediocrity that Aston Villa have lived in the past decade or so probably has something to do with it, and with Randy Lerner opening his chequebook and Martin “I rule!” O’Neill in charge it’s not hard to see why the supporters are willing to pipe down for a bit.