Fabregas Apologises For Insolence

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After Mark Hughes revealed a little spat he had with Cesc Fabregas over Blackburn’s tactics in their FA Cup tie, the “confident” little chap admitted he went and apologised afterwards like a good boy,

“I went to apologise,” said Fabregas. “I get upset when I don’t play well.

“I’m a young man and I have still got a lot to learn.”

After rising to arguably the best player of his age in the world, the Arsenal midfielder has definitely played with an ever-growing chip on his shoulder that all great players seem to have.

It’s also the latest incident of Arsenal lashing out publicly in one way or another anytime a club uses “negative” tactics to get a result. Arsenal play great football that everyone loves to watch and they should be applauded for setting a good example. But this is competitive sport and a lot is at stake beyond entertainment, and it’s up to Arsene Wenger and his players to find a way to adjust tactics or mentality to win in these matches rather than just complaining about how opposition teams aren’t simply catering to their needs every week.